It has often been said that the electric string quartet formula has long been diluted and in need of a reinvention.

An alternative was long overdue, but not any more.

From London two world class violinists decided to take up the challenge and provide private and corporate event organisers with a new breed of entertaiment that would repalce the cliched electric string quartet. Welcome FUSE!

FUSE is one of the most exciting, refreshing and hairs on the back of your neck live entertainment aritsts for a long time.

Renowned all over the world for their stunning blend of visual and musical performances the FUSE violin duo Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee tick all your boxes.

For more information check out their website which their contemporary electric string quartets would rather you didn’t see!
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Live entertainment: Linzi Stoppard and FUSE electric string duo

Live entertainment: Linzi Stoppard and FUSE electric string duo

Linzi Stoppard and Fuse string duo live corporate entertainment

Linzi Stoppard and Ben lee, the FUSE string duo providing world class live entertainment for Huawei

FUSE have 4 quite different sets of music for clients to choose from, ranging from pop, dance, a more chilled-out film soundtrack set list, to their latest productions such as the much celebrate James Bond medley and Queen medley.

And if that was not enough FUSE are also a world record breaking artist – Ben Lee is the official 5-times Guinness World Record holder for the Fastest Violinist In The World.

Ben races through Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight Of The Bumblebee at an astonishing 17 notes per second. This incredible musical feat needs to be seen and heard to be believed.

What FUSE does transcends the electric violin. Their show has no boundaries, has entertained tens of thousands of fans around the world, and would be one of the most memorable ways to add something truly spectacular to your event’s entertainment.