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Electric Violinist

Welcome to the most exciting and in demand Electric Violinist Act in the World, an experience you will never forget.


FUSE by Linzi Stoppard


TheseĀ Global Entertainers Are Multi Award Winning, Official World Record Breaking And Performing on Their World Exclusive Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Violins.


Compared to other electric string quartet or violin acts FUSE are in a class of their own. Electrify your corporate events with a performance by Linzi Stoppard and FUSE – BOOK NOW!

Linzi Stoppard is an electric violinist; who pushes the boundaries of musical convention with her passionate, live sets of rock, chill, dance and contemporary cross-over. Linzi has transfixed audiences the world over with passionate and mesmerising performances through her electric strings and a bow that she wields like a magic wand

Linzi and FUSE are the most exciting and popular corporate entertainment act today, leaving string quartets standing still. For more information see


Electric Violinist