Electric Violinist Linzi Stoppard New Fashion Images By Sarah Monrose

Linzi Stoppard is one half of the electric violin duo FUSE.

The global electric string group has aligned themselves with music royalty – so far such exclusive collaborations with Swarovski had been limited to artists such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Madonna and Taylor Swift.

With this sort of exclusivity the new Swarovski Signature Violins were in need of a special introduction and where better than Harrods, the most aspirational store in the world.

There were many options in-store for FUSE to present their Swarovskis to the media but take one look at the Egyptian Escalator and it was clear this is where it would take place. It is iconic within Harrods and the main artery connecting all 5 floors.

FUSE revealed their Signature Violins at a media call in-store and then the instruments were displayed in a bullet proof glass case at the top of the escalator for the public to view.

Bespoke jewelery brand Swarovski Crystal join forces with the world leading electric violin duo FUSE to create an exclusive one-off pair of million dollar violins, never seen before and to be repeated.

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