Electric Rock Violin Band FUSE Debut 24 carat Golden Violins to Amazed and Excited Audiences.

Fuse electric violinists Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee with their exclusive golden violins

Fuse electric violinists Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee with their exclusive golden violins


Linzi Stoppard and her electric violin band FUSE broke new ground by debuting the world’s first gold violins created in collaboration with British jewellery designer Theo Fennell.

Linzi Stoppard has built a reputation for her emotionally charged electric violinist performances in London, UK and Worldwide that have combined the beauty of high energy music with her captivating stage presence.

As the lead of the acclaimed violin band FUSE, she’s also stepped away from the crowd by embracing violins that are jaw dropping in every way.  After paving the way with the world’s first crystal violin, now Linzi has debuted FUSE’s new 24 carat gold-plated violins to amazed audiences.

Adorned with rubies, diamonds and sapphires covering rock and roll style skulls the golden violins are the perfect accent towards FUSE’s performances, a combination of style and substance.

“Ben and I fly all over the world to play live, rock violin and in every destination we put on a spectacular show. The thrill of playing with these new gold violins is something I can’t describe,” commented Linzi.  “They are stunning works of art with the help of one of Britain’s most renowned jewellers and because Bridge, the original makers of the violins have been involved from the outset, the integrity and sound of each instrument is maintained. Nothing is compromised.”

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee with the world's first-ever 24carat golden violins....

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee with the world’s first-ever 24carat golden violins….


The unique violin golden skull designs were created and executed by the world famous British jewellery designer Theo Fennell.

It took FUSE , Bridge and Fennell over 9 months to complete the violins which have garnered press attention world-wide, from violin aficionados, to jewellery lovers and those with a casual interest in popular musicians who know how to celebrate abundance.

FUSE are more than just flash and style.  Linzi and band mate Ben Lee (Fastest Violinist In The World) have expertly brought together classical music with high energy rock, all executed on electric violin forging something truly special.

Creating art in all the best ways is nothing new for Linzi who comes from quite the pedigree being the daughter in law of famous playwright Sir  Tom Stoppard.

All this comes together for great music and entertainment, in a show that leaves audiences talking for months and years afterward. And the music media has been noticing.

OK Music magazine recently remarked, “Linzi Stoppard is a dazzling electric violin player…  OK agrees that her stunning looks and energetic performance are, when mixed together, an intoxicating form.  Linzi Stoppard has it all.”

‘The most innovative violin album for over a generation, violin hero has arrived” Daily Telegraph.


Daily Telegraph featuring the Golden violins:


Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee electric violinists (aka FUSE) in the Daily Telegraph


Daily Mirror coverage from the launch:

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee electric violinists (aka FUSE) in the Daily Mirror

Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee electric violinists (aka FUSE) in the Daily Mirror


The new gold violins will be a big part of the show in FUSE concerts this year, giving a rare opportunity for enthusiasts to see these one of a kind pieces of art first hand. As the only golden electric violinist group from London or anywhere worldwide, the FUSE string duo have built up a reputation as one of the best live entertainment string groups around.

And an extra eye is even being spent on keeping them safe.  FUSE announced each violin has been insured for over $1.5 million dollars.  They truly need to be seen to be believed.